August 16, 2010

Life in Limbo

We have returned from our vacation in Nauvoo and we had a wonderful week there.  We should have stayed…

Our plans before our vacation were as follows:

We needed to pack up the entire house the week before we left for our trip because we would be moving into our new home the day we would be coming home from our week vacation.  This was a crazy and stressful week, living in and among boxes while also packing for vacation.

However -

Mid week my husband informed me that there was trouble with a wall and it pushed us back a bit. So we returned to our old home all boxed up and in a state of limbo AND it is 104 degrees out with hot swirling air?   Yep.  We should have stayed in Nauvoo.


  1. Oh, no! Can you just go back?! ;-) {{{hugs!}}}

  2. I've left you an award at my blog...LOL.


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