August 09, 2010

Homeschooling Doesn’t Stop When College Starts

Photoxpress_3918786 Throughout our homeschooling experience, I’ve advised and discussed educational issues  and subjects with my son.  I’ve often been his editor, his sounding board and his review board.  I’ve been his coach, his team mate, and his biggest fan.

Although he has graduated from homeschool and is attending college, many of those things remain the same.

For my son’s World Civilizations Course, he is required to read Fire from Heaven by Mary Renault.   As is my homeschooling nature, I pulled up reviews on the book to get an idea of what it contained.  Many of the reviews were great but some were not.  Some mentioned a sex scene and homosexuality.   UUGH!

Some may think that since he is now an adult, I  should let him find out what’s in it on his own,  that I should let him choose what kind of material he reads.  And I would say to those few, that my son has already made that choice.  He chooses not to partake of things of this nature.  As a matter of fact he is very upset by such things.

SO, I will be reading the novel before him and if indeed there are inappropriate parts in it, I will mark them, so he has the option of skipping over them.

While I am no longer his school teacher, I am his mother and as such I will always teach him, advise him and be his biggest fan.

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  1. You go girl!!!! I don't think there is anything wrong with that. He made the choice that he did not want to read that kind of stuff in the book (now that is a very mature adult decision), all you are doing is helping him so he does not have to read those parts. Way to go Michael and Mom.


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