July 31, 2010

Summer School Week 9

weekly check in I realize that some families are beginning their new school year soon.  We however have been learning all through the summer – which is not over I might add; it is still miserably hot here. Our summer schooling has taken a back seat these past two weeks because we are moving.

Monday: After the packing and busyness of last week, we just had to take a break.  Mason made several cootie catchers and even changed the design a bit.  It figures, he does has the mind of an inventor.  I spent way to much time on the computer scheduling and writing but I did get lots done. ☺

Tuesday:  Back to packing.  Michael was leaving on Thursday for Youth Conference and needed to get his room packed up before hand. With the afternoon scheduled with O.T. and Speech Therapy, we only had a small window for cleaning and believe me we needed to clean!

Wednesday: Since Michael was leaving on Thursday, I had to get the boys hair cut on Wednesday.  They look as handsome as ever of course.  We worked on laundry and packing for youth conference.  At this point I am burnt out on packing for the move!  BLAH!

Thursday: Seriously I am really tired of going to O.T, and speech therapy and we had our eval for Physical therapy and I am ready to scream!  I’ve been taking at least one of my children to therapy for the past 16 years – straight.  No breaks!  I hate sitting in that lobby for 4 hours each week - soon to be 5 maybe 6 hours.  Can you imagine spending 3 of your afternoons traveling to and sitting in the lobby for therapy.  UGGH!  I know it is helping my daughter and I feel really blessed to have such great therapists.  We haven’t always had great ones.  But I am tired.  There – I said it!

Friday: We had speech therapy and O.T. again …  (See Thursday).  More packing, More cleaning.  I need a vacation.  Wait! I am leaving for a vacation in just over a week. ☺ 

Other than the craziness above we have spent the rest of our time reading aloud, and playing chess.  I’m ready to get back to our normal schooling schedule – without the packing.  Because of our vacation and moving schedule, I have canceled Mattie’s therapies for the next 3 weeks.  Now that’s a vacation!

That is our weekly wrap-up.


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