July 25, 2010

Summer School Week 8

On Monday:  Mattie and Mason completed step 21 in All About Spelling Level 2.  Mattie spent 38 minutes on DreamBox for Math and Mason worked on some handwriting.

As I have mentioned before Mason has hit a challenging area with Dreambox learning. The staff there have been great and made suggestions to help Mason.  I believe the biggest hurdle is that Mason doesn’t want to take the time to learn it, he wants to know it already.  So we are going to continue working on it.

Tuesday:  Other than chores, our normal schedule was gone for the day.  Michael had an appointment at one of the Universities he’s enrolled in – Yes, he is enrolled in more than one.  We hadn’t quite decided yet so we prepared for both.  I was surprised to find that this University was more suite8595d to my son, than the one he previously attended as a concurrent student.  Both my son and I felt really good about it.  Exciting things are on the horizon.

We had a busy evening. Mason and I had fun swimming with  the Cub Scouts and their families and Mattie decorated a cake with her ADGirls group. Michael has Youth Conference coming up and he was practicing their group dance for it.

Wednesday:  Since we are moving in just a few weeks, we have much to do.  We packed the school books that we are not currently using and weeded through them for our yard sale coming up.  The last time we moved we were not homeschooling yet.  We have accumulated MANY extra things through our adventures in education.  Oh my!

Thursday & Friday: We had a friend over to help us pack some more things. Believe me, we needed the help. Uugh!  We were able to pack up most of the kids toys and books. The bedrooms are almost packed. Yes!

That night we had a great time at The pool and water slides.  Our church had an ice-cream social there and it was really fun!

We also finished The Fablehaven Series on Thursday and started Far World.

And Michael taught Mason how to play chess!  Now he challenges me to several games each day. ☺


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