July 16, 2010

Summer School Week 7

weekly check in This week has been uneventful which is just how I like it. The kids have worked on Math a few times this week, in addition to completing a few steps in Spelling.  Next week we will begin on step 22 which means we will probably finish up level 2 next week.

They also finished another chapter in their Science book and glued their lapbooking pieces in their logbooks.

We made some more Solar Prints on Friday, 8523 which was fun. Mattie got to teach her Occupational Therapist how to do it.

We had fun cooking and eating those creations as well.

We have not started another History unit study because we are moving at the end of July.  I’ll admit it, I’m a little stressed about the whole thing.  Especially since the children and I will be traveling in August before we will have time to get the house in any sort of order.

Our Read-Aloud has been volume 5 of the Fablehaven Series. We have about a quarter of the book left. I have not decided on our next night time book.  Any suggestions?

That’s our week – all wrapped up.

We have just 5 more weeks of summer school, I’m looking forward to reviewing what we’ve accomplished during our summer.


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