July 14, 2010

Summer School Week 6

weekly check in I realize it is Wednesday and I am just posting our review of last week… Better late than never, I guess.

Six weeks of Summer have already flown by! I can’t believe it! 

Monday: Monday was great! We were finished with Math, Spelling, Handwriting and our read-aloud by lunch.

Since Mason is really struggling with a particular math concept right now, I spent extra time working with him while Michael taught Spelling to Mattison.  Later, while Mattie was working independently on Math, I had Michael teach Spelling to Mason and I fixed lunch. It’s so nice to have an older child to help the younger ones when needed.

The rest of the day was free time and laundry for me.  It was a good day.

Tuesday: It was a typical day and I can’t recall what we did.  I know we cancelled Mattie’s speech and O.T. because she wasn’t feeling well, aside from that, it’s a blur.

Wednesday:  We were slow getting into the day, we started some Spelling and Math around 10:40ish.  Mason thought he would be able to get past  his challenging part of Dreambox learning, but instead he was brought to tears.  I felt bad for him.  I know he is almost there, so we worked on it some more on our white board.  He is getting it, he’s just not confident all the time about it.

Here is what he is working on:

Number total 387
Cases of 100 Boxes of 10 loose items
2 ? 107
1 8 ?
? 3 57
2 7 ?
They also finished step 16 in All About Spelling level 2 and I have ordered the next level.  I LOVE All About Spelling.
We were going to move on to chapter 3 in our Science today, when I realized we hadn’t finished all of our lapbooking pieces from the last chapter. Since the kids are making their own Nature Study Logs using a journal, I didn’t want them to miss that information.  So they finished those pieces and glued them in their notebooks.  They also watched The Privileged Planet DVD.
Thursday:  We completed step 17 in Spelling and some more time was spent on Math.  We continued our American Adventure read-aloud.  Mattie kept begging for me to keep reading, but my voice can only take about an hour of reading aloud at a time.
Mason, who is a reluctant reader, spent hours reading a book.   I’m super excited about it and hope this will be the change I’m hoping for him.  He is reading the 1st Harry Potter book.  He would prefer that I read for hours to him each day.  He loves a good book, but doesn’t like to read them himself yet.  He reads lots of things, but he’s not had the magic of being sucked into a book yet while reading on his own.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
Friday:  We found out today at O.T.  That a little boy that Mattie sometimes worked with passed away this weekend.  It was sad news.  He was 11 years old.
We finished reading Thomas in Danger and would love to read more, but so far I haven’t found info about the last two volumes that were planned. And that is our weekly wrap up.


  1. Harry Potter just might do it! My daughter reads at a really high level, but she doesn't like to read fiction (she'd much rather a book about sharks or lizards or some other creepy creature) unless she's forced to. But she loves audio books and will listen for hours.

    Then she met Harry and his crew.

    She now has the reading bug. May your son catch it too. :)

  2. Thanks Michelle, I sure hope so. We would like for him to catch that bug. ☺

  3. Hi - I'm so sorry to hear that Mason has been frustrated with DreamBox! Just wanted to let you know that you can email us at DreamBox any time at all if he needs help or you just have questions. We can easily look at Mason's account and see what he's struggling with, then make adjustments that should help him over the hump. Just email us at support@dreambox.com, and our very responsive support folks will get right back to you.


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