July 04, 2010

Summer School Week 5 Check-In

weekly check in Monday:  We had a wonderful time at the pool in the morning before it became too hot.  Some friends joined us which made it even better.  Not long after we arrived home, I went running errands with my husband. 

I needed some toner for our laser printer and some ink for our color inkjet. OUCH!  $120 worth of printing ink.  We have been eyeing a color laser printer/scanner/copier, and it just so happened to be on sale.  For just 200+ more, we were able to get the laser printer.  It’s a great investment.  I hooked it up and it has flexible networking which means not only can I use it with our desktop but all our laptops can print without having to hook up to it!  Hooray!

Of course I had to try it out right away, so I printed some Science notebooking pieces for the kids notebooks.   They looked beautiful. ☺ Which means Mattie and Mason finished a chapter in their Science books today, along with some handwriting. I really wanted to get some Spelling done, but everyone was tired from swimming.

I took a late trip to the library, to see if the book I wanted was in.  It wasn’t, but I found a chapter book about the revolutionary war that I’ve never heard of before.  We will begin reading it tomorrow.

Tuesday:  I dispersed our “quick clean/detailed clean” chore papers and the kids took to it.  I had planned for years to work up something like this but way more complex.  (Sigh)  Keep it simple!  Right?  Well someone had already simplified it  and it works wonderfully using just 1 sheet of paper per room.

The afternoon was  taken up by Speech and Occupational Therapy and a friend pickup.  8480

Mason had Cub Scouts where he worked  on his boat.  Isn’t this cool?  Michael went to youth night at church and they participated in a service project for someone who needed some help in their yard.  Mattie stayed home with Dad.

Wednesday: Back in the groove day, we are trying to get back into routine here.  We started Thomas by Bonnie Pryor from the American Adventures Series.  We just happened upon this at the library. I wish we would have known of this so we could have finished it 4th of July weekend.  Oh well…   It’s a great read so far.

While I read, Mattie and Mason completed a couple of handwriting pages. We also got back to Spelling – hooray! and Dreambox learning for Math.  Previously, Mattie and Mason were both held up at a challenging part in Dreambox; they were supposed to gain a new perspective on numbers through a certain exercise.  They each had a different exercise but the frustration was similar.  I encouraged them to just keep working and look for a pattern.   Mattie had her ah-ha moment and proudly proclaimed that she had figured out the pattern.  She then sailed through the rest.  I  am waiting for Mason’s moment. ☺

Thursday:  Another typical day here, Spelling, Math, and working on our unit study (patriotic this week – of course).  We’ve been able to combine our gospel lesson and unit study this week with Freedom of Religion.  The children completed more handwriting and some kitchen fun.  Michael realized part of his novel wasn’t going to work right, so he asked if I'd so some web plotting with him.

As we finished reading Thomas, a story about the Revolutionary War, the children painted pictures. I’ll post the book review once we’ve finished the 2nd book.

Friday: Speech and O.T. again.  The children made flags and we finished reading some patriotic themed books.  We were going to decorate t-shirts for the 4th of July but I needed freezer paper not wax paper so we had to wait until the next day. 8483

Saturday: We decorated our T-shirts  that we meant to take care of on Friday.  They turned out great!

In addition, we finished the 4th volume of Fablehaven this week.   It has been fun reading this aloud.  I had forgotten so much when I read them through myself the first time. I need to catch up on our Reading Log and get those reviews posted.

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