July 02, 2010

Patriotic Books

In addition to the American Adventure books, we read the following this week in preparation for the 4th of July.

impossible patriotism project

The Impossible Patriotism Project

by Linda Skeers

This is a touching book about a boy named Caleb who struggles with an assignment from school.  His teacher has asked the whole class to make something showing patriotism for Parents’ Night.   How can he possibly make something to show patriotism?  Hoping for some inspiration, he visits others in the class to see what they are working on, but he still can’t think of a thing.  If Dad where here, he could help me . . . And indeed he does.  Caleb’s dad is a soldier away on duty.  Caleb works on a poster and brings a picture of his dad to Parent’s Night.  “Patriotism means going away from your family even if you have to miss Parents’ Night.  It means keeping everyone in the United States safe… My dad taught me to love my country.”  This is a very sweet book with a wonderful message.



A Fourth of July on the Plains

by Jean Van Leeuwen'

Traveling from Indian to Oregon, has taken much  longer than Jesse and his family had realized.  They are all exhausted and longing for home.   Pa says they will rest the animals until after the Fourth. 

When he was back home, Jesse celebrated the Fourth of July by walking in the parade and waving flags. There were cannons booming and food piled high.   How can they celebrate on the plains? He was not the only one with those thoughts.  Soon everyone was working on an idea to add to the grand celebration.  Everyone - except Jesse and some other boys his age – who are not big enough for the other tasks.

Jesse was feeling discouraged, but then he had a wonderful idea.  He knew how he could add to the glorious holiday celebration, he would take care of the music! With the help from his friends, a band marches to Yankee Doodle adding to their memorable day on the plains.



The Star-Spangled Banner

illustrated by Peter Spier

Our touching national anthem accompanied by wonderful artwork each page displaying Old Glory. The sheet music is included with all four verses.

The illustrations are a story in and of themselves.  They show the history of the United States.  The first pages are of the Revolutionary War. The fourth verse is also included and the illustrations are of more modern times, showing  what looks like the cleaning up of ground zero, astronauts0-440-40697-8, and space travel.  On the page that says “And this be our motto, “In God is our Trust,” there are 12 images of various religious building representing the many religions.  I recognize a Catholic Cathedral, an Amish meetinghouse , a Jewish building and a Mormon Temple among others.  It’s very nice.


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