July 07, 2010

Apologia Science: Flying Creatures Chapter 3 Lapbooking Pieces

Apologia Flying Ch 3 I like to make lapbooking pieces and notebooking pages for my children when I have the time.  I thought I’d post them so others could use them as well.   I plan to post the past 2 chapters’ resources as well as what we use through the rest of Apologia’s Exploring Creation Series - Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day.

Apologia Flying Creatures Ch 3


  1. Those are very nice. Used this book last year for science. Upcoming year is Jeannie's new book about the human body. Looking very forward to it.

  2. Thanks Diane,
    We should have been finished with it months ago, but put it on the back burner for other subjects.

  3. Wow. Love your button and header! Too cute. Thanks for sharing your Apologia lapbook pages.
    Monica at discovertheirgifts.blogspot.com

  4. wow, I love these! I am just starting Flying Creatures with my son and came across these as I was searching the internet for lapbooking pieces for chapter 1. I downloaded 3,4, and 5 from scribd. If you have more for other chapters that I didn't find, please point me in the right direction If you are too busy with life, please don't feel this is a demand, I only mean it in a complimentary way!! :)

  5. Hi Tana, I plan to do the whole book. I'm in between houses right now and living in boxes... Uggh! But I will get them up. Once we are finished with this book we are diving into Astronomy.

  6. I hope you've gotten settled in your new house by now. I'd love to see your other chapters. We jumped ahead to insects while the weather was still warm. Now we're going back to do birds.

  7. I LOVE these!! Have you done any more chapters? These are so beautiful!

  8. Anonymous1/25/2013

    Thank you so much! We are just beginning this book.


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