July 29, 2010

Apologia Science Ch.5 lapbooking pieces

Apologia ch 5 You may have wondered why I have some lapbooking pieces nicely detailed and colorful and others very plain and simple.  I purposely do this. 

I add color and detail because I love it and I think it looks nice.  I make some simple (plain) so my children can choose to decorate them or apply stickers or stamps if they prefer. Colored printing can also be expensive so I try to balance it out.

Chapter 5 is all about Nesting. For this chapter I decided to make cards about the different types of nests/nesters and to highlight some “specialty” birds as always.  You can choose to print the image side of the card and let your children write the information they learned on the other side or just leave the backside blank. 

I was pleased to find such wonderful photographs of the different types of nesters in their nests.  These photographs give a clear view of the differences between nest types and I have once again been amazed at the detail our God has given His creations.

As is typical when I make lapbooking pieces, my children hovered around me asking questions.  I love it when their curiosity is piqued and they are eager to learn. ☺

Apologia Flying Creatures Ch 5


  1. You are awesome to make these pieces! Now, I just wish we were doing Flying Creatures all over again so I could use them:-).

  2. I just found your blog as I was planning my youngest son's science for the year. Thank you so much for providing such beautiful lapbooking pieces for these three chapters of Flying Creatures of the 5th Day. I will admit, I selfishly hoped you had done more, but these will certainly bring a bit of joy in journaling instead of simply writing on a piece of paper for every chapter. Thanks again!


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