July 04, 2010

4th of July T-shirt Decoration


I had read a few blog posts about making your own T-shirt designs using freezer paper.  This was our first attempt.  The kids LOVED it!  We will definitely be doing this again!  It worked great!

 8475To make your own design you need:

  • freezer paper (not waxed paper)
  • some paint
  • a sponge or sponge brush or something to dab on your paint
  • of course a T-shirt
  • a box cutter or razor knife to cut out your design.
  • A piece of cardboard or something to place inside the shirt.

First you need to come up with a design and either draw it or make it on the computer.  Since this was our first time using this method, we tried to keep our designs simple.  You will then need to transfer your design to the freezer paper or just lay it on top of the freezer paper and cut out the two layers, which is what we did.  This will make a freezer paper stencil.

Then with the shiny side down, iron (dry setting) the freezer paper onto your shirt until it sticks. 

You are now ready to paint.  Do not paint in back and forth strokes.  You must dab the paint in an up and down motion.  As we found with Michael’s design, if you really iron it good you can apply the paint pretty thick and it turns out great.

We used a hairdryer to dry each color before moving on to the next.  Once your paint is dry, peel off the freezer paper.  This is the really fun part!

The kids made their own designs on the computer8484 and  they turned out great.  Mattie’s shirt was the first one.   I had forgotten to put something in the middle of the shirt and we realized some paint had leaked through to the back after she had painted the first two stars.  I used her freezer paper template to make two stars on the back of her shirt  to fix the mistake and it turned out great. Whew!  The tears had welled up in her eyes until I told her we could fix it.


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