June 04, 2010

Weekly Check-In for May 31st – June 2nd

weekly check in Monday:  Memorial Day.  Aside from sharing the meaning of the holiday with my children there was no school for us.

Tuesday:  We completed our Spelling, Math and Handwriting in the morning and then headed out for an appointment.  It was miserably hot and we only spent about 30 minutes on our Lewis and Clark unit before I had to head back out again.  We did get all our pieces for our Science lesson all cut out and ready for later this week though.   Hooray for that!

Wednesday:  We did our normal daily stuff (Spelling, Math, Handwriting) in the morning. We were able to spend more time reading about Lewis & Clark which was nice since our time was cut short on Tuesday.  Mattie and Mason finished gluing on their lapbook pieces and we will begin recording the information soon.  It’s fun to use lapbooking after we’ve finished our spine, because 8206I really get a good look at how much they’ve learned and retained from our read alouds and other resources.  The detail they remember always amazes me.  If there is something we can’t recall, we just look it up and revisit that information.

ALSO Flat Stanley arrived in our mailbox!  We are looking forward to taking him with us this next week.

Thursday: Typical productive day☺   We didn’t get to Science like I’d  hoped, but it will be waiting for us…

We spent a few hours in the pool enjoying the refreshing water. We had a fun day planned with friends but illness changed that… even though we missed our friends, we had a good time together.


Friday: I had plans of doing some of the basics today.  However, with the combination of forgetting to take my allergy medicine and my hypoglycemia really acting up, I’m just not up to anything much.

We are no longer meeting weekly with our homeschool group due to Summer break. I have to admit I’m relieved not to have to get out again.

This week we completed lessons 8 –10 In All About Spelling.  The children progressed in Math through Dreambox Learning – mostly by playing the math games in the arcade.  They completed very few new lessons, but had lots of practice on the previous learned material.  I wasn’t surprised - they are both currently working on more challenging lessons.

I have still not been able to reschedule our surprise field trip to Branson.  Maybe next week…  There are also some great things to see in Memphis this Summer, even a Lewis and Clark IMAX movie.      … So many places & things to see.

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  1. Flat Stanley! I keep saying we're going to do this, but we haven't. Always looks like such fun, though.


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