June 25, 2010

Summer School Week 4 Check-In

weekly check in Monday: Having spent the previous week at Cub Scout Day Camp, there was plenty to do around the house.  I made a blank family schedule to be adjusted daily according to our needs.   In addition, we are moving in a month, so we will be doing some packing and decluttering each day as we are able from here on. 

Mattie and Mason completed All About Spelling Step 12 today and they each spent 30 minutes on Dreambox Learning for Math.  Mason is really struggling with a particular concept, so I’m thinking about this one.  

We finished reading our Lewis and Clark spine and plan to finish up our lapbook/notebooks later this week.  In addition, They both completed one page of handwriting and decluttered for 30 minutes each.

Tuesday:  We worked on our Lewis & Clark lapbook/notebooks. We finished several of our booklets today, I was impressed with all the details the children could recall.  For the few we weren’t sure about, we looked up the info and I read it aloud to them. 

Mattie and Mason both spend about 30 minutes on Dreambox Learning for Math and progressed in their handwriting book.  Their handwriting is looking so nice and they love it.

Michael had a friend over for the afternoon and Mattie had O.T. and  Speech Therapy.  I did not miss going to those appointments last week.   In addition, all the boys went out to our other house to help deliver a fireplace and bathroom vanity.  I look forward to getting moved.

Wednesday:  We continued work on our Lewis & Clark booklets, and read one of our related picture books.  We have really enjoyed learning about The Lewis & Clark Expedition. I had to have them stop after a couple of hours because Mason’s hands were cramping and it was well past lunchtime.

I also got a lesson in multiplication.  When you neglect your laundry for a few days it multiplies!

Thursday:  We continued working on our Lewis & Clark unit study by filling in our lapbooking booklets.  Mattison and Mason also chose the image they wanted for their title page. 

That afternoon we drove to my Grandma’s for a visit.  It was the 1 year mark of my Father’s death.  It’s hard to believe a year has passed already.

Friday:  After O.T. and Speech Therapy,  we  had some errands to run.

Later, we finished our Lewis & Clark Unit Study by reading our last book and finishing our last few lapbooking pieces. It was awesome!  You can read more about that here.  They also completed a couple of pages of handwriting.

We’ve been inside as much as possible this week.  The heat index has been between 105 & 110 degrees.  I’m hoping for a few showers to cool things down a bit this weekend.

Next week:  I hope to get in an Art project next week in addition to getting our bathroom completed at the new house.  That would be nice. ☺

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Happy Weekend!


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