June 20, 2010

Summer School Week 3 Check-In

This past week, Mason and I were at Cub Scout Day Camp celebrating 100 years of Scouting. 8256Mason learned: 

  • how to bake brownies in a cardboard box
  • how to build a bird house
  • how to read a compass and orient a map
  • how to do a pace count and use it to find points
  • how to sight with a BB gun
  • how to improve his bow and arrow accuracy
  • how to build a fire
  • how to set up a tent and camp site
  • how to bake pizza in a dutch oven
  • that one charcoal briquette raises the temperature 39 degrees for cooking
  • how long it takes for different materials to decompose
  • how to play frisbee golf
  • how to tie a really cool knot
  • how to cook poached and boiled eggs in Dixie cups over the coals
  • how NOT to cook poached and boiled eggs in Dixie cups
  • how to make a wallet out of duct tape
  • how fun it is to catch critters with your friends
  • how to build a catapult
  • how to identify some of the local trees and plants during a nature hike
  • how fun it is to play water football in the lake
  • how good watermelon is when you are sweltering in the heat
  • how to get along with 10 boys in his patrol
  • and many more things


Some of these things were just review for Mason, but he had many new opportunities for learning. 

Mattie and Michael chilled out at home and basically took care of themselves while Mom was away and Dad was at work.  Mattie did get a page of handwriting done and she also worked on some Math on Monday.

It was a great week, and I am glad to be home and get back to a somewhat regular schedule.


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