June 12, 2010

Summer School Week 2 Check-In

weekly check in Summer School Week 2

Over the weekend, I reworked our schedule for the Summer and we began implementing it this week.   I suspect it will take a few days to adjust.  Already I can see that I need to add more time for Math and Spelling or teach Spelling to both kids at the same time.  I used to do that, but when we started All About Spelling, I truly wanted to give each child what they needed according to their own mastery, so I taught each one individually while the other works on Dreambox learning for their Summer Math practice.

Monday:  Mattie and Mason both completed another step in AAS and worked on their Math (Dreambox).  We switched up chores for the month and the children seemed refreshed with something new to do.  We started our new evening read aloud as well – Fablehaven vol 4: The Dragon Sanctuary.  From what I remember the first time, the excitement and danger builds to an unbelievable plot twist that you don’t see coming. I was saddened and disappointed for a bit  due to the betrayal of a character I had grown to really like.  It will be interesting to see what Mattie and Mason think about it.

Tuesday: We declared a Home Economics or Life Skills day - because my house was a wreck!  No school work officially, but we completed several things.  Mason spent much of the day with his LEGOS, Mattie blew bubbles and Michael had a friend over.  We went to Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy, Cub Scouts, and Youth Night at church.

Wednesday:  We started our memorization today.  We are starting with The Articles of Faith (it was a challenge from the Primary President) and then add scriptures.  Mattie and Mason have the first one down.  You can read more about that in the post Mason and the “CODE”!

We read some more in our Lewis & Clark book.  We are almost finished. We had some errands to run to get ready for Cub Scout Day Camp which is next week. We lucked out and found 2 pairs of shoes for Mason.  This was a huge undertaking because he doesn’t like wearing shoes.  It’s a sensory thing…  It is what it is.

Thursday:  We had planned to go to Memphis and use our free Summer pass to the Pink Palace Family of Museums.  We were planning to hit the CTI IMAX Theater to see the Lewis & Clark movie, the Museum and Lichterman Nature Center, but the weather for both here and there called for all day storms so we cancelled and will plan for another day.  Instead, hmm… I blog hopped, did laundry, watched a movie with the kids, and bathed both dogs and the cat.  That in itself is a major undertaking.

Friday:  Today, we ran errands in preparation for Cub Scout Day Camp and went out to lunch together. Nothing too exciting here. I did get some more card dividers for our Brain Boxes and labeled them.  I have to go back to the store tomorrow because Mason informed me that he needed some bell peppers for Cub Scout Day Camp.  My boy loves his raw veggies for lunch. ☺

Next week I’ll post our Cub Scout Day Camp edition of our weekly check-in.


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