June 24, 2010

Seaman’s Journal – On the Trail with Lewis and Clark


by Patricia Reeder Eubank

Get a dog’s eye view of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, as you adventure along with Seaman – Captain Lewis’ Newfoundland.

This picture book is a fantastic resource for studying the Expedition.  It is full of great information and you will learn just as much from the artwork as the words.  The artwork captures the various plant and animal life Lewis recorded in his journals.  In addition this book touches on each native tribe, in word and art and numerous pages contain illustrations of maps worked into the layout.

Here are a few page images, you can view more at Amazon.com:

seamanpage   seamanpage2

For those who enjoy trying recipes, Sacajawea’s Pemmican Recipe in the back of the book.


We noticed a minor discrepancy at the beginning, where it has Lewis and Clark setting off from St. Charles with their whole crew.  Actually, Captain Clark and his men started from St. Charles and Captain Lewis joined them in St. Louis a few days later.   Aside from that, This book is truly a treasure and proved invaluable when recalling information for our lapbooks.


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