June 12, 2010

A Mini Science Unit Study

8232 Alright, I admit it!  When Hank our Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppy brought in a crawdad (crayfish), I had all the children look at it and count the legs, notice the tail, etc.  They thought it was gross and kind of scary.

I did giggle to myself thinking about how homeschoolers often take any opportunity and try to turn it into a mini unit study.  So I just left it on the counter. 

But seriously, how could I just let it end there when I just found this in our recycle trash!  Coincidence?  I think not!


Here he is, probably an hour after his demise.  Do you see the cracks in his exoskeleton?  Yes, I pointed that out and we talked about exoskeletons too.   We noticed the color change as well, and the children think that he is getting lighter because his body is drying out.  We’re going to observe the crawdad/crayfish cadaver for a bit and notice any further changes.  I just couldn’t help myself. ☺



  1. Why waste a perfectly good opportunity, right? Last summer we were hiking and found a snake skeleton. Of course I wanted to take it back to the camper and study it but I couldn't convince any of my kids to carry it!:) I should have been a good mom and picked it up myself but well, just couldn't bring myself to do it. It WAS a snake afterall. Dead or not they just give me the creeps! They thought it was incredibly gross! Kudos to you for taking advantage of a great nature lesson!:)

  2. Tonya , That's funny! I actually have a baby snake in a baggie on our book shelf. We found it on the bike trail a while back. None of us wanted to touch it either. It totally creeped us out. We managed to get it in a sweatshirt pocket to tote it home though.☺

  3. I do the same thing! That is awesome!

  4. Love that! Although, I have to admit, I see that and wonder if he has any little friends for dinner. :) Oh, if you find live ones they are fun to give to each of the kids and have crawfish races.

  5. Michelle, I'm not sure we'll be able to capture a live one with our crawdad catcher around. ;) It sounds fun though.

  6. That's great- I could totally see it happening at our house! We've even turned a lizard our cat coughed up into a science lesson ;-)

  7. That thing totally creeped me out. Which is weird since I spend many summers happily catching as many of them as I could in the creek behind our house. Guess I was less creep-out-able as a kid. ;)

    Great subject to study, though!

  8. Last night my dog caught a frog, which may have become a science study at our house too...except the dog decided to consume said frog in its entirety. Poor froggie.


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