June 25, 2010

Lewis and Clark – Explorers of the American West


by Steven Kroll

illustrated by Richard Williams

This picture book was a great addition to our unit study resources.  Like the previous books on this topic, it tells the story of the Lewis & Clark Expedition.   However, you will notice some additional information not found in the others.  

There is an index in the back which proved quite useful when cross referencing for our lapbooking information.  In addition, there is a List of  Important Dates which we used for our timeline.

The story and illustrations are detailed and would be easily enjoyed as a stand alone read-aloud even for those who aren’t studying about the topic.

The beginning of Lewis and Clark – Explorers of the American West, is full of the preliminary happenings, which gave us much more detail regarding the Louisiana Purchase.  For example, Did you know why France decided to sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States?  We didn’t either until we read this book.  Napoleon had his armies involved in too many conflicts at one time, spreading them thin.  So he decided to withdrawal from North America all together, selling the entire territory to the U.S. 

There were a few other tidbits of interesting information that weren’t mentioned in our other sources.  This book linked together the others we had read on this topic and very nicely smoothed out our view of the expedition.  There are other books written by this author that we plan to explore at a later date.


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