June 05, 2010

The Art Books Have Arrived!

Today our “recommended for purchase” books are in at our library!  I’m a bit excited!  On a recent visit there, I came across an Anholt Art Book Series that I immediately fell in love with.   Our library had 2 books in the series.  I recommended the others for purchase.

We weren't even planning on a study of great artists at this time, but when an opportunity presents itself, we try to jump on it and so we have.

So far our GREAT ARTISTS STUDY has focused on:

We plan to go through the entire series.  So far I am pleased with what the children and myself have learned about the artists through these books.  We know where they lived and what they were like.  We learned about their style of art and some of their most famous pieces. Most importantly, we are having FUN doing it!

Other books in this series (that can now be found in our library):

  • Van Gogh and the Sunflowers - A story about Vincent Van Gogh
  • Degas and the Little Dancer – A story about Edgar Degas
  • Leonardo and the Flying Boy – A story about Leonardo da Vinci
  • Cezanne and the Apple Boy – A story about Paul Cezanne
  • Matisse the King of Color – A story about Henri Matisse


  1. Thanks, I'm requesting them at the library so I can look through them.

  2. Hey... those look like a ton of fun! I wish I had seen those when my youth were kids. I wonder if youth artists would enjoy them as a quick read. :O
    Thanks! :)

  3. Hi Corine, Thanks for stopping by! I really enjoy them myself. I am currently borrowing these from our library, but I am seriously considering purchasing the set. Some books I am keeping and saving for grandchildren some day.

  4. Thanks for the recommendation on the books. I will put them on hold at the library. We love art books.


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