May 24, 2010

Way To Go Michael!

This weekend, our oldest son - Michael, graduated from early morning seminary.  He has gotten up at 5:20 every morning - Monday through Friday, to attend a 6am class to study the scriptures and learn about the Lord. He has done this for 4 years.  I am very proud of him.

In addition, on Saturday, he received a presidential scholarship (full tuition, fees, and $500 book allowance) to a local college that he hasn’t even applied for.

☺ Way to go Michael!! ☺


  1. Congratulations!!! Unless you have been a parent or student of early morning Seminary it's hard to comprehend just what this Graduation means.
    Don't unpack your bag though, Institute must be tonight!!!!
    Well done from a family here in Australia.
    This is us.

  2. Congrats! I teach early morning seminary and LOVE it. Great job on the scholarship too!


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