May 29, 2010

Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail

This week we learned about Pablo Picasso.  We used another Anholt Art book for our jumping point.  Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail by Laurence Anholt is  based on the true story of a famous artist (Pablo Picasso) and a child (Sylvette David).

picassoponytailThis story is about Sylvette, a shy girl who secretly desires to be a great artist.  We first meet Sylvette sitting on the outskirts of a group of friends.  She is listening to them discuss the rumors that the great artist Picasso is staying right in their town of Vallauris (Southern France).  Sylvette has no idea that the very same Picasso is listening right above from his balcony.  Suddenly they notice a picture that has appeared above the terrace wall.  It is a picture of Sylvette - the girl with the ponytail. 

Sylvette is embarrassed and hides her face.  They all run to see who held up the picture.  To their surprise, it is Picasso himself.  He invites them to his studio and asks Sylvette to be his model.  Her friends say she is too shy, that she could never be his model.  They tease her and call her a dreamer.  Picasso replies “then we will get along. Because Picasso is a dreamer too.” 

This is the start of their friendship and mentorship.  The shy Sylvett is the focus of 4o images done by Picasso that summer.  Her face was on magazines, paintings and sculptures seen around the world.  Sylvett shared her art with Picasso and is now a well known artist herself.

This book contains various paintings and sculptures by Picasso and also a bio in the back.

We added Picasso and some of his famous pieces to our Art card collection in our Brain box (as it has now been dubbed), and also a page in our History Notebook.

In addition we used Discovering Great Artists by MaryAnn F. Kohl and Kim Solga,  Which had 2 art projects based on Picasso’s works.  We chose the project titled “Fractured Friend” which is an experiment with cubism. Once again, Mason had his own ideas. Next time, I think I’ll try to complete our art project ahead of time for an example and maybe he’ll be willing to give it a go.  I do enjoy his artwork nonetheless.☺

Here are our Picasso style masterpieces:

8170    8169 8168


In addition, we had fun playing with MR. PICASSO HEAD.  Here are our masterpieces from that.

  picassoheadmason picassoheadmattiepicassohead

Other delightful books in this series:

  • Van Gogh and the Sunflowers - A story about Vincent Van Gogh
  • Degas and the Little Dancer – A story about Edgar Degas
  • Leonardo and the Flying Boy – A story about Leonardo da Vinci
  • The Magical Garden of Claude Monet – A story about Claude Monet
  • Cezanne and the Apple Boy – A story about Paul Cezanne
  • Matisse the King of Color – A story about Henri Matisse

*Our library had some of the Anholt Art books in their system.  I recommended the others for purchase and can you guess what is now listed in my library hold account?  Yep.  All the others I requested.  My library is awesome.


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