May 07, 2010

May 3rd – May 7th

weekly check in This week we have been progressing nicely through level 1 of All About Spelling.  We started this just a couple of weeks ago and are almost finished.  We are looking forward to starting level 2 in about a week.

Our free trial period ended for Dreambox,  but i immediately subscribed adding Mattie as well.  Mattie was working on the parent profile during the trial because of how I set it up.  This week, Mason has completed 30 Math lessons and Mattie has completed 21 on her new profile and I have no idea how many on the other.  They are really enjoying it and are really learning!  I am amazed at how they are both talking Math.  They’ve never done that before.  COOL!

The children’s handwriting is really looking nice.  It’s amazing how much pride they take in learning cursive. They think it’s fun!

This week we also finished up our Titanic Study.  We took advantage of some great resources so be sure and check it out.

The children’s reading is getting more fluid all the time and we are reading more aloud at their request.  We read historical fiction, journals and diaries together for history.  We are also reading Vol. 2 of The Fablehaven Series for fun.

In addition to our typical schooling routine, we changed up chores again, and I got my kitchen back – Hooray! I’ve also made great headway on Mount Laundry by reinstating the “everyone does their own laundry” rule –another Hooray!

Last but not least – we played a football/frisbee combination with our homeschool group that was seriously fun! We spread out making a huge circle.   The frisbee/football would be thrown say to the right, caught by the next person, and thrown to the next.  Sometimes, you would throw a frisbee and turn around just in time to catch the football – as both were in play at all times. It was really fun!  It was a good week.


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