May 29, 2010

May 24th - 28th

weekly check in Monday:  We completed another lesson in AAS (working on multi-syllable words).  I wonder if Mason had fluid on his ears.  He had a hard time discerning between the /e/ and /i/ sound during his lesson.  This has never happened with him before.  For Mattie, this is a regular occurrence, but not for Mason.

As in previous weeks, they are both progressing with Dreambox Learning for Math.  (Progress details are below.)

We started our Lewis & Clark Expedition Unit Study.   I was inspired by a post by Annmarie about how she gets everything ready and in baggies ahead of time.  So in preparation for our study, I have cut & folded all the pieces for our lapbooking and put them in a baggie.  Mattie and Mason looked through their lapbook pieces as I read from The Journal of Augustus Pelletier, The Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1804.  Mason’s curiosity was peaked and he asked several questions about his pieces.  Mattison squealed a few  times while looking through hers.  That’s a good sign, right?

We picked back up our cursive handwriting again this week.  We had taken a break from our handwriting since we were flying through AAS and writing so much each day.  We use Handwriting Without Tears and love it!  The children really enjoy it and their handwriting is nice.  They were happy to continue where they left off.  They have been practicing the letters they knew in their spelling words, and are happy to learn the rest.  Who knew they would think cursive is so fun?

Tuesday: We continued our reading about Lewis & Clark.  We enjoy reading in journal format so much. Mattison asked this morning if we were going to read in our book some more today because “it’s so exciting”.  That’s my girl, she loves a good book. ☺

Today Mattison was reading Green Eggs and Ham aloud for me.  We were  working on one of her challenging speech sounds – TH.  That book is full of the words “there” and “them” and “the”.  It is the perfect book to work on that sound.  She took it to speech therapy and her therapist had her working in it again and agreed that it was a perfect book to work on that sound.

Tuesday night was Cub Scout Pack Meeting.  Mason received his whittling chip and some beads and the BEAR pin and patch!  Hooray!  It was really fun!  He LOVES Cub Scouts!  Next month is Day Camp.  According to Mason, it’s taking FOREVER to get here.

Wednesday:  Science is a once a week subject for us.  For our study of flying creatures, I have changed things up a bit and we are reading through a few sections and then the children are filling in their notebooks using some templates I made pertaining to their study.   I finished their “Complete the Chain” review game for Science as well.

History was originally a once a week study, but the kids love it too much to limit it.  They want to enjoy it every day during the week.

On a funny note – All our bowls were in the dishwasher, so Mattie fixed some cereal in our 4-cup measuring cup.  When she started eating, she exclaimed “I have 3 cups of milk in here.”  Mason ran over to see for himself. ☺  They may never want to eat in a regular bowl again.

Thursday:  Since we had all the lapbooking pieces cut and folded for our Lewis and Clark study, I decided to have the kids go ahead and arrange them and then glue them onto their pages while I read to them today.  We are now half-way through our book.

We continued our fun with the Anholt Art books.  This week we learned about Pablo Picasso.  You can read about our study, view our artwork and see our resources here

Friday:  This was our last homeschool group meeting of the school year.  Even though we school year-round not everyone in our group does.  It is true that the kids are regularly calling me, asking if our homeschool group can meet during the summer, but the parents (myself included) all need a break.  We ended with a Lake Day & potluck. Hooray!  It was the perfect day to be at the lake, and for an added bonus - a dump truck delivered new mountains of sand onto the beach area.  Talk about making a kid’s day!

The children worked on AAS and Dreambox Learning daily.  This week they completed 4 lessons/steps in Spelling and will start step 8 on Monday.  Their progress in Math can be seen below:

DreamBox Learning Progress

Mattie Mason

Lessons completed



Stories completed



Tokens in piggy bank



Total tokens earned



Adventure friends



Carnival rewards

1 5

It’s nice getting a second wind just in time for summer schooling. ☺


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