May 21, 2010

May 17th - 21st

weekly check in Monday:

Mattie and Mason finished level 1 of All About Spelling.  WOOHOO!!!  They breezed through it in about 4 or so weeks.  I took all the children out to lunch to celebrate!  We also celebrated Michael’s success with his first college semester now behind him.  Mr. 4.0 GPA – makes a mom proud.  More than anything, I’m happy for him because he managed with a huge work load.  He rose to the challenge and learned (again) that hard work does pay off.   We also finished our evening read aloud, Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star (vol 2).  I’ll post a book review soon.

We learned about Claude Monet with the greatest resources! The kids painted pictures to accompany our lesson - though they just didn’t quite get the impressionist thing going.  Asking them to paint impressionist style was like asking them to eat mud.  They just couldn’t stand the thought.  We’ll try again when they are older.  They can however tell you loads of stuff about Monet. ☺ For more info about our unit study of Claude Monet you can read our post – The Magical Garden of Claude Monet.

Mason has started reading Harry Potter again.  He was reading it before but not enjoying it, so he put it away for months.  He is a reluctant reader.  He decided to start back at the beginning and it is totally his deal, I am staying out of it.  He has curled up with it many times and if there is too much noise he will shush us! I hope this continues.


Mattie and Mason started level 2 of All About Spelling. Hooray!  Both of the children are progressing through Dreambox Learning for Math practice and I am regularly amazed at how they talk about Math and now figure things mathematically just out of the blue.  Seriously, before using Dreambox, that did NOT happen.  We plan to use this through the Summer or until they have completed it.  It is currently leveled through 3rd grade, but seriously - it teaches perspective like nothing I've seen, anyone of any age would benefit from this program.  They have plans to include more grade levels in the future.  That is something I will definitely be watching for.  Hooray!

Mason finished his BEAR requirements in Cub Scouts so now he has until late summer to earn his extras! He has Day Camp in less than a month now and can hardly stand the wait!  I also found out about an archery facility just minutes from our home.  Mason LOVES archery.  I haven’t told him about it yet, because I want it to be a surprise.


Our Wednesday started with an orthodontist appointment for Mason.  He needed to be checked and get his retainer adjusted.  A growing 9 year boy… well grows….   His retainer had to be clipped and adjusted quite a bit.  Luckily we didn’t have to make a new one, which was a possibility.  Mason has 4 loose teeth.  We are hoping that his retainer will help guide them where they need to go so they won’t get crooked again. His appointment didn’t take too long, so we are still able to get in our full school schedule.


We were going to go on an awesome field trip on Thursday but the forecast was for storms all day. We will reschedule for another day.  The kids don’t now where we are going so it wasn’t too much of a downer for them.  We completed our school work and decided to make it a movie afternoon during the yucky weather.  

Here is Mason’s Dreambox progress:

  • 136 Lessons Completed
  • 6 Stories Completed
  • 22 Tokens in Piggy Bank
  • 57 Total Tokens Earned
  • 14 Adventure Friends
  • 5 Carnival Rewards

Here is Mattison’s Dreambox progress:

  • 47 Lessons Completed
  • 1 Stories Completed
  • 15 Tokens in Piggy Bank
  • 19 Total Tokens Earned
  • 10 Adventure Friends
  • 1 Carnival Rewards

*Mattison started on her own account 2 weeks after Mason.

Friday: Today we met at the lake with our homeschool group for a picnic and dip in the water (for the brave souls only).  The weather was perfect.

It occurred to me that if I read the bolded words, it would sum up our week pretty well:

  • All About Spelling
  • Fablehaven
  • Claude Monet
  • Harry Potter
  • Dreambox Learning
  • Cub Scouts
  • Orthodontist
  • Field trip (cancelled)
  • Lake Homeschool Group

For next week:

  • Start Lewis & Clark unit study
  • Work on lapbook stuff for 50 States
  • Pull cursive back into schedule
  • Continue on with everything else

And now I bid you all a great weekend – I am going on a date with my dear hubby. ☺

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  1. Sounds like you got alot done. So can identify with the retainer thing - we have had braces off for more than a year and are on our second retainer, she is a growing 11 yr old.


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