May 17, 2010

Lapbook Templates by Me ☺

I’ve been working on lapbook pieces for our unit study of The Lewis and Clark Expedition.  I came across some great booklets already made but in order to print them, I had to preview each page in the viewer and choose the correct page to print.  It was time consuming and wasted a lot of paper.  I thought it would really be beneficial to be able to have some basic templates to use and customize. 

I have completed Lapbook Templates set 1.  You can get the PDF file here.    It is also available under the printables tab of my blog.  Instructions on how to use the lapbook templates are included in the PDF file, including how to customize them on your computer.  I will be working on set 2 and get it posted as soon as I am finished. 

I have enjoyed customizing them, I hope you will too.

Lapbook 1AB        Lapbook 1C1

Lapbook 1C2        Lapbook 1DE

Lapbook 1FGH       Lapbook 1I


  1. With the templates here and even the ones on homeschool share how do I write my own text on to the templates. I realise this is probably a silly question but i just can't figure it out.

  2. Hi Donna. Instructions on how to customize my templates on your computer are in the pdf file. I'll add that info to the post. Thanks!

  3. I did it!! Thank-you for sharing these great templates with us.

  4. You are welcomed Donna. I'm glad you were able to figure it out!

  5. Thanks a bunch! I can totally use these next year. :)

  6. Anonymous10/06/2010

    I love what you have done! Your templates are very easy to use and don't waste paper like a lot of others that I have found. I am looking forward to your next set. When do you plan your next set?
    Edwina Moody

  7. Thank you! These have been very handy.

  8. Anonymous4/02/2012

    Thank you! These are by far the most useful templates I've found for lapbooking!


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