May 07, 2010

Unit Study: The R.M.S Titanic

Titanic%20Une%20NYtimesWe finished our study of the R.M.S. Titanic this week.  This is one subject I don’t think we’ll need to review to remember.

voyage on the great titanic Our study centered around our read aloud -  Voyage On The Great Titanic – The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady.  You can read our full review in our book log.  I have to admit, the last part of this book was very difficult to get through. My emotions were all over the chart.  I was in tears before the ship sank, knowing what was going to happen.  I was so humbled at the thought of all those men and boys who bravely gave seats in the life boats to the woman and children, knowing they would most likely drown.   I cried for those wives and mothers and children who had to leave their husbands and fathers and sons behind. I was furious at the arrogance of the people who thought the lives of those wealthy enough to travel in 1st class were somehow more valuable than the others.  We had a good discussion about the value of a soul and whether or not wealth or social status was a good measuring stick. 

The children worked on their Titanic coloring books, that I made from pages found here, while I finished our read aloud.  We also added a copy of The New York Times April 16,1912 Edition (as seen above) and a photo of a boarding pass to our History notebook.


We enjoyed these picture books - Pig On The Titanic and The Heroine Of The Titanic. You can read our full review of these books here & here.

 Pig_on_the_Titanic       101112

This is such a thing as reading too much about a topic – especially one so emotionally traumatic at times, so we tried something different and played an interesting game called  Hidden Expedition: Titanic.  We took advantage of the free hour exploration. ☺

titanicAnother resource we used was this award-winning documentary,  titled Titanic: The Complete Story.  This documentary claims to be the most complete chronicle of the Titanic disaster ever created,  with rarely seen newsreel footage and filmed testimonials of survivors and historians. Mason was especially interested in the underwater footage.  Thank you Netflix.

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