May 27, 2010

Discovering Great Artists

51qRiuHWKLLDiscovering Great Artists:  Hands-On Art for Children in the Styles of the Great Masters

by MaryAnn R. Kohl & Kim Solga

I’ll just get right to the point – You have to get this book for your art study!  It is jam packed full of great stuff - with 140 pages of information on great artists and projects representing them.  Each artist’s section has a short biography which is what I have used for our Artist pages in our History Notebook.  There are such original and fun projects demonstrating the style and materials used by the Artist of study.  There are projects of ink, acrylic paints, watercolors, pastels, collage compositions, clay pieces, and just too much to mention.

This book is organized into 6 Chapters:

  1. Long, Long Ago (Renaissance & Post Renaissance)
  2. Sunny & Free (Impressionists & Post Impressionists)
  3. Wild & Wacky (Expressionists, Abstract, Abstract-Expressionists, Cubists, Dadaists, & Surrealists)
  4. Art Today Every Way (Pop, Op, Folk, Modern, Cartoonists, Photojournalists, & Children’s Book Illustrators)
  5. Make It & Play It (Games & Child-Made Activities)
  6. Resource Guide

The only thing, in my opinion, that would make this book perfect, would be if the artists pieces were in color.  This book truly is a treasure.


  1. We love, love, loved this book!:)

  2. I was so delighted to see the recommendation of Discovering Great Artists! Thank you! Your readers can find free sample ideas from the book at my website, if they are interested. Go to: and then click on "Free Art Ideas". Don't miss the "previous art ideas" that are part of that page. I wanted to mention "Great American Artists for Kids", my newest book in full color that is similar to Great Artists. Again, free sample ideas on my website.
    Thank you again, I'm honored to read your great review!
    MaryAnn Kohl
    author of art books for kids
    PS I've been having fun with my new blog
    I think you readers will like it, especially a recent post with 9 interviews with Mr. Rogers. A treasure!!
    Visit me soon! Thank you!

  3. MaryAnn, Thanks for the links! I will definitely check them out in the near future. We are loving your book!


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