May 12, 2010

Curriculum Loyalty Syndrome

Young schoolgirl puts out tongue

Have you been infected with Curriculum Loyalty Syndrome?

What is Curriculum Loyalty Syndrome?  Curriculum Loyalty Syndrome (CLS) is keeping hold of curricula that is failing your family,  that is damaging your child’s love of learning, one that is hindering progress.  It is sticking with a program that isn’t working for your family.

Perhaps you have used a certain program for years and are wondering if you have CLS.   If a program works for your family, and you are using it because it works – not because of the name, claims, or money spent – count your blessings! You’ve found what works for your family!  IF however, your family is miserable and unhappy with a certain program, you should probably read on. 

Why would someone remain loyal to a product that doesn’t work for their family?

There are various reasons for this, I believe these are the most common:

  1. You’ve invested time in it already - sometimes years.
  2. You’ve invested money in it - sometimes a lot.
  3. “THEY” say it is the best or only correct way to do it.
  4. You’ve always used it, you know it.

As a newly recovered victim of CLS, I’d like to offer some “help” for those suffering with this syndrome, and perhaps prevent others from becoming infected.

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