May 27, 2010

Complete the Chain Review Game

8163COMPLETE THE CHAIN is a simple review game that we use for various subjects.

It works like this:

Using an index card or similar sized card, write questions and answers that are to be linked.  The first card should say “Complete  the Chain” on the left side and the right side should have a question.  Your child will then need to find the answer to that question, which will be on another card.  He will need to place it next to the question. On the other side of the card with the answer, there will be a new question.  He’ll then search for the new answer which will also partner with a new question. Your child will continue linking questions and answers until he has no more cards.

I like to put a star sticker on the start card and a “great job” sticker on the last card.  This particular run was for Science and had 15 cards.

We like to add these to our Brain Boxes.  They are great for vocabulary matching and trivia.


  1. Thanks so much for this review game! I really like it and want to make one immediately for a review of The Water Cycle (just need to get some colored index cards!). I love your blog - thanks!

  2. Thanks Musicalmary, We love the game too. It's so simple to do but really helps keep the ideas in the noggin. ☺

  3. We used the game this past week - thank you again for a great thing we will use a lot in the future. I did a blog post about it:

  4. I love this idea....thank you because I'm stealing it! Its a review that's also a game, my son will love this.


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