May 27, 2010

The Brain Box

8166 We use All About Spelling.  This program has a great review system in place using cards and dividers.  Being a person who LOVES organization, I just fell in love with the simplicity and functionality of their review system.  It works like this – There are 3 tabbed dividers for each set of your cards. 

  1. Cards to Review
  2. Cards Mastered
  3. Cards to be used in the Future

When a new concept is introduced, the cards for it are placed in the review section.  These are quickly reviewed each day.  Once they are mastered they will be moved behind the Mastered section.  Your Mastered section will grow quickly.  It gets reviewed periodically to retain the info you have learned.  The cards you will need in the future are stored behind the appropriate tab ready to be pulled, and put into the Review section once they’ve been introduced.

Initially, I had combined Mattie and Mason’s cards in one box, but once I started having ideas of how to use this system for other subject matter, I knew they each needed their own box for the extra room.

In use:

One of the things we needed to work on was the order of the months of the year.  So I made slips of cardstock with a month on each one.  Each day before Spelling, my children would pull out their month cards and arrange them in order and then read them aloud.  This worked like a charm. 

We’ve been studying the Great Artists.  The Brain Box works perfectly for this as well.  I make some cards to go along with each Artist we study.  These cards go in the box.  My children look at the artwork and line it up under the correct artist card.  This takes just a couple of minutes, but it cements what they have learned in their mind.

I love this system. I have many plans for it.

That is now why our review box has a new name – The Brain Box. 


  1. Silcottfamily6/02/2010

    We use All About Spelling too...Where did you get your great big box for the cards...I have been looking and not find one long enough!

  2. I found these boxes at Staples. I got a different one last year at Office Depot.

  3. Debmom4ca10/15/2010

    What a great idea! The Charlotte Mason system for memorizing used index cards and it would fit right in with this system. We have also added English From the Roots Up cards to our scripture cards. In Our school Those two are covered during "together time" which also includes devotions and prayer.

  4. Anonymous12/28/2010

    Thank you so much for this idea! I am putting in my order for AAS tonight but I love how you have extended the box idea! I can't wait to see future posts about your other ideas with The Brain Box. :) I am going to become a follower!



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