May 07, 2010

Book Log: Voyage On The Great Titanic

voyage on the great titanic

Voyage On The Great Titanic  The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady – RMS Titanic, 1912                  A Dear America Book

By Ellen Emerson White

This book begins in London, England at St. Abernathy’s Orphanage for Girls, where we meet the voice of the book – Margaret, a 14 year old girl. 

Margaret’s parents both died, leaving her and an older brother to care for themselves.  Margaret became very ill and William could not take care of her so he took her to the orphanage.  William gained passage to America and vowed to save his money and send for Margaret as soon as he could.  An unexpected opportunity came for Margaret as she was offered passage on the Titanic as a companion to the wealthy Mrs. Carstairs.

During their short time aboard the Titanic, Margaret befriended their cabin steward, Robert who was just a few years older than her.

Margaret experienced the tragic sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic.  She was one of the last to leave the ship, as she had been down below looking for Robert.

Margaret was rescued from the lifeboat by another ship, The Carpathia, and was taken to safety in America.  Upon arrival, she found herself alone and in shock on the streets of New York, but was quickly reunited with her brother William and began her new life in America. 

She lived with William for a while and attended college.  She eventually married and had three children one of whom she named Robert.  She died in 1994.  She never did get over the fact that she was among the 700 that survived, while more than 1500 did not.

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  1. Really appreciated your review of this book. We're hoping to visit the newly opened Titanic museum in the Gatlinburg, TN area sometime this summer and of course I'll want the kids to do a wee bit of reading before we go. I think this would be a great book for them. Blessings!:)


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