May 07, 2010

Book Log: Pig On The Titanic


Pig On The Titanic

By Gary Crew          Pictures by Bruce Whatley

This picture book is based on true events.

Edith Rosenbaum, a famous fashion buyer, left Paris for New York aboard the Titanic, to show her latest designs.  Her mother bought her a good-luck charm – a musical pig, for the voyage.

Edith carried her musical pig with her everywhere on the Titanic.  Even when the Titanic was sinking, and the passengers were ushered to the top deck, Edith was sure to grab Maxixe.  When the ship’s crew tried to get Edith on a lifeboat, she declined and encouraged them to worry about the other woman and children.  However, the crewman, mistook Maxixe for a baby and grabbed her and threw her into a lifeboat full of children.   Edith jumped into the lifeboat to retrieve her musical pig, but upon seeing the frightened faces of the children, she knew they needed Maxixe and her funny happy tune.

Edith wound Maxixe’s tail and she began to play. The children couldn’t help but smile and laugh at the musical pig.  Maxixe’s tune played without fail until the rescue ships arrived.

Note:  Maxixe, the musical pig, is kept in a special glass case in a private collection in New York.


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