May 01, 2010

Book Log: Noodlehead Stories


Noodlehead Stories        World Tales Kids Can Read & Tell

By Martha Hamilton & Mitch Weiss

The title really describes this book well.  The tales within are all about some Noodlehead, knucklehead, Ninnyhammer, Numskull or Nincompoop – Or so says the back cover.

The tales in this book come from all over the world:  Denmark, Uruguay, England, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, Norway, Arabia, Algeria, China, Iran, Italy, Russia and many more including the United States.

Noddlehead Stories are tales of people who don’t use their brains.  The  stories are full of humor and are quite entertaining. 

The first story in the book is from Demark and is called The Boy Who Sold the Butter. It is about a boy who… well… was a noodlehead (he didn’t think about what he was doing). His mother had made some butter to take to town.  She reluctantly sent her son off to sell the butter.  She gave him instructions and off he went.  In a nutshell, this is what happened - he gave a sample of the butter to a big rock.  The butter melted, he thought the rock ate it and so he ended up giving the rock all the butter.  When the rock wouldn’t pay for the butter, the noodlehead, kicked it and it rolled over revealing a hidden pot of gold. He said “Thank you” and returned home to his mother with the payment.

Following each story, there is a section called “About the Story” that gives interesting information and other similar stories told in other countries of the world.

Following that are “Tips for Telling” which gives instruction on how to tell the story and use body language, tone of voice and such to become a good storyteller.  You just might have a storyteller in your midst after exposing him to this book.

This crazy book led to lots of giggles and discussions about the importance of using our noggins and choosing not to be noodleheads.  I suspect this book would be great for reluctant readers. Smiles were all around.


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