May 01, 2010

Book Log: Fablehaven

fablehaven Fablehaven (vol 1)

by Brandon Mull

Michael & I have both read the Fablehaven Series and loved it.  The younger two wanted to try it out as a read aloud.

This first volume titled Fablehaven is wonderfully original and exciting. The book begins with our main characters Seth and Kendra getting forced into spending a couple of weeks with their grandparents whom they really don’t even know.

By the end of their stay, neither want to leave and their lives are forever changed.  What happened during that week?  Well everything… nearly.

Seth  gets turned into a boneless walrus thing for turning a fairy into an imp accidently, Kendra becomes the leader of a fairy army, Grandma Sorenson is a chicken (literally) Grandpa gets kidnapped and Lena gets put back in the Naiad pond against her wishes. Oh, I haven’t mentioned that evil tries to take over and Kendra saves the day! Yep!  The good guys win again! I always love an ending like that…

Sound crazy?  Well maybe this will help clear things up… Grandpa & Grandma Sorenson are the caretakers of a hidden refuge for mystical creatures of all kinds called Fablehaven. SHHH! It’s top-secret!

Luckily for us, this is only the 1st volume in a 5 volume series, where each volume is better than the last.


  1. I love that series, and need to finish reading it. Now to dig up my other copies.

  2. Dana, I just wanted to let you know that after reading this post 2 months ago I got the first two books from my library about 2 weeks ago(they finally came in!). I loved them and ordered all 5 from Amazon(got a great deal too). Makayla is most of the way through the second book now, I finished book 5, and hubby is reading book 1. I just may read aloud book one to the little kids.

    Thanks for recommending a series I had seen but never tried.

    Oh, and I just got a talk on CD today in the mail from Deseret Book from a sale email called "The Road to Fablehaven: Seeking, Finding, and Using Your Best Talents" by Brandon Mull. I'm hoping to listen to it tomorrow.


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