April 19, 2010

Playing Catch Up

My blog has been neglected and pitiful lately…. I know it…  I’ve been busy with a few things. 

First, my project Latter-day Homeschooling has gained momentum quicker than I could have ever expected.  It’s hard to believe we went public March 1st.  It seems like It’s been around for much longer.

Second, My husband (who is working on his PHD) passed his comps the end of March!! HOORAY!!  What a huge relief to get that behind us.

Third, I’ve been working a new schedule and also am trying some new curriculum here at home so there is some new stuff going on as well.

Fourth,  We have HANK.  7893 Hank, we were told when we adopted him, was a boarder collie mix.   Surprise!  He is actually a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, which means he will be roughly 140 or so pounds.  He is brilliant and so sweet, but a chewing, energetic, puppy who learns new things and then has to proudly show them off.  You know things like jumping on you, jumping onto your bed, stealing stuff from everyone in the house and taking it outside, and on and on. We take Hank to puppy training classes once a week, but the truth is the training classes are for the humans. ☺

Aside from all the business, I plan to catch up and finish up some posts to add to the blog.


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