April 30, 2010

April 26 – 30th Review

weekly check in This week has been really productive! ☺  This has been our second full week into All About Spelling and we are almost finished with the first level.  We all LOVE it!  The transition from SWR to All About Spelling has been absolutely better than I could have ever expected.  It has been a pleasant change and the children are happy to do spelling and don’t complain about it  like they always did before. We will finish the first level soon, as this has been a great review and introduction to the program. We have been completing several lessons each day.   I have already purchased the 2nd level and it’s sitting on my shelf as we speak.  ☺ Did I mention my children are HAPPY to do Spelling?   Since we’ve done so much writing with our Spelling, We set aside our handwriting for the past couple of weeks.

We are still plugging away at those pesky Math facts.  I truly don’t like learning Math facts.  I know … It is so important, but so blah!  It feels like it will NEVER end!  We play board games and card games, and do Math fact art, play computer Math games and anything else I can think of to make it fun.  I will be so happy to be finished withtextimage memorizing the Math facts.  On a more positive note – we have added a great resource, which we all just love. We have started this online Math program that is just amazing.  It’s called DreamBox learning.  It is not your typical Math games site.  It teaches different Math perspectives and I am truly impressed.  Since we’ve been using Dreambox, Mason has been talking about numbers and Math during regular conversations and play, which he has never done before.  He also was figuring out (while verbalizing) how much money he would have left over if he spent some on various Lego sets – again, this is something he has never done before. Dreambox is a bit pricey, so if you think you might be interested, be sure and try the 14 day free trial to see what you think.  We are still in our trial period, but we will definitely be doing this all through the Summer. 

We’ve been continuing our study of the Titanic for History.  We will be finishing up our main read-aloud this next week.  In addition, I found some great picture books about the Titanic in our local library.  And I’ve been gathering resources for our Lewis & Clark study coming up.

Right now our Science is all about nature.  We are watching seeds grow and are planting a garden.  We are still waiting for our butterfly pupa to arrive in the mail.  We will watch them eat and grow and become a chrysalis and then a butterfly - when they finally arrive that is. ☺ We are also continuing our winged creatures study and I am planning our trip to Blanchard Springs Caverns soon.

Aside from all that fun, we are yucky with allergies – as is the norm for this family.  One thing we didn’t get to, that we’ll need to tackle next week, is writing letters to our pen pals.

☺Note to self: 

  • Write to pen pals
  • Increase daytime read aloud time (kid requested)
  • Clean off chalkboard

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  1. I love AAS too. It has been a real help for my 8 year old son.


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