March 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Each year during my childhood, we spent our spring break cleaning.  It’s funny, now when I think back on it -  It was a week long chore fest, but I felt so good at the end of that week.

My mother would put names of rooms on strips of paper and we would draw, from a container, which room we would conquer that day.  Each of my siblings begged for their room to be first.  We would all work together rearranging furniture and cleaning out closets, dresser drawers, toy boxes and shelves. Every inch of every space in our home would be cleaned spotless.  We would get rid of the worn out, grown out of, and no longer loved items we had collected over time.

I just love that feeling of fresh clean organization. Don’t you?

Maybe it’s the sweet smelling spring breeze that drifts through those newly opened windows, or the soft sunny rays beaming throughout the rooms that makes me realize how dreary and stuffy our home has become while it’s been closed up tight for the winter.  Whatever the reason, with spring comes this urge  to revitalize, shake off the old and start fresh.

I feel this in our homeschooling too.  The need to change things up a bit, rearrange and try something new. . .

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