March 09, 2010


Yesterday, we had wonderful 70 degree weather.  We finished our basic block of school work, then packed a lunch and headed out to the Lock & Dam.  Isn’t “recess” wonderful?

7957 Here Mattie and Mason are heading down to the rock wall. I realize this may look dangerous, but really it’s quite safe, they are never close enough to the water that they could fall in.  You can’t really tell that from the pictures though.


Mason LOVES the sound of the water most of all.


Of course we carry binoculars with us all the time. What would you expect from a homeschooled kid? ☺


This was the first time we took our two dogs with us to the Lock & Dam.  They enjoyed it too.  Michael (the long, lanky one wearing the orange sweatshirt) was worn out walking our puppy, who had a whole new world of smells to explore.  He was happy to take a break from the workload from his college class – Michael, that is, not the puppy.☺


Here is a picture of our “new friends”  that my children met and introduced me to.  Someone forgot to tell my kids they aren’t supposed to know social skills, being homeschooled and all. ☺

This is yet another REASON WE HOMESCHOOL – we have the best recesses ever!


  1. I love the dog and the kids laying on the ground. How sweet!

  2. Dana, this looks like more fun than anyone ought to be allowed to have. What a great day!!


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