March 02, 2010

Book Log: A Packet Of Seeds

students179_2 A Packet of Seeds by Deborah Hopkinson            Pictures by Bethanne Andersen

This is a sweet story about a family who moves out west to claim some land in the new territory.  Father  is excited and eager for the new life, but Momma is saddened by the whole idea.

After weeks of traveling with a wagon and oxen team, they arrive at their new piece of earth.  It is hot and dry.  Father gets to work quickly building a house made of logs and a shelter for the animals to prepare for winter.   Father is happy in his work, but Momma hasn’t smiled since they left their family and friends back  home.

Spring comes and a new baby is born. Momma is so saddened that she can’t even name the baby.  She lays in bed and cries.  Annie has an idea; she can plant a garden for her Momma, so she will smile again.  With the help from her brother Jimmie and also Father, The plot of hard earth is finally ready for planting.  It sure would be nice if they had some flower seeds. “We do” says Momma.

And so begins a happier time for Momma out on the prairie, tending her flowers and thinking of her friends and family back home doing the same.

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  1. This book looks great - I think I'll look for it in about a month, when our planting season comes :)


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