February 19, 2010

A Wonderful Sunny Day with Friends

SMILE Today our homeschool group met at a local park.  It was wonderful!  The sun was shining and it was 60 degrees.  The children played hide-n-seek while the adults enjoyed visiting together and soaking up that very missed heavenly friend. 

It has been wonderful meeting with these other homeschooling families for the past several years.  I have seen their families grow and change.  I’ve seen several go to college including my oldest.  It’s wonderful to see how everyone progresses over the years.

It’s also sad to realize how short this time really is.  Our children will be ours forever, but those precious 18 yrs go by so fast. I’m going to try to enjoy every moment.

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  1. Where do you live that you are getting 60 degree weather already!? I still have mounds of snow in my yard! :)
    Love your blog,


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