February 17, 2010

Window Writing

Today we were writing on our windows.  We do this on occasion for spelling words or cursive practice, even math problems.  I purchased some Crayola Window/ Glass Markers - They aren't cheap.  We really wished they were more bright and easier to see.

The children felt that the regular markers would show up better, so we tested it out.  Here are our results.  You can see for yourself.  The "labels" are written directly on the samples.
  • The ROSEART markers were not good for this at all.  You can't hardly see them.
  • The CRAZEE ART markers were better than the Roseart, but still not great.
  • The regular and washable CRAYOLA were great and showed their true colors - light colors were light and dark were dark and could easily be seen.
  • The Crayola Window markers (the W's in the pic) look pretty good in the picture but they aren't very good.  They are very transparent and you can't see the words very well.  Apparently one quality they do have is photographing well- go figure. ☺
After testing our markers, I will no longer buy the expensive window markers, but will stick with our old faithful Crayolas that we can get for $1 a box on sale.


  1. I have to ask - how do you clean them off? And how do you keep little ones from markering everywehre else?LOL. We usually stick with dry erase on our wall boards and save regular markers for paper only...

  2. Hi Tristan, All the markers easily came off with a damp paper towel. The actual window ones I mentioned left a cloudy residue but a second wipe took care of that. We use dry erase boards as well - almost daily in fact, this just adds something a little different to the day. My kids love it! My youngest is 9 so we don't typically have problems with writing everywhere, but when it was a problem, we only purchased washable markers. The Crayola washable markers worked very well on the windows and doors.

  3. I like this, as I also used to do this with my kids, but we used a mixture of tempera paint and dishwashing liquid. We painted pictures on the glass of our storm door. Washed off well because of the soap. *;-.)


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