February 23, 2010

Pen Pals


Today something wonderful was in our mailbox.  It was a letter from Mattie’s new pen pal.  She was really excited and surprised (especially since I forgot to tell her that I actually signed her and her brother up for them). We signed up with the LDS homeschooling pen pal group.

Her pen pal’s name is Sara from Georgia.  She sounds like a really nice girl.  She has two  cats which Mattison, of course, thought was just fantastic.

As you can probably guess, Mattison and Mason, both had to write to their pen pals tonight.  Sure, they were really late to bed but they were really happy about this new project. 

Mason kept his letters neat and clean and added some stickers on the page.  Mattie put a picture of our dogs and cat on hers and then added stickers to the outside envelopes – LOTS of stickers.

After they addressed the envelopes, we marked where they live on our wall map.  Based on distance we figure Sara will get her letter first, then Katie in MI and then Kylee in ID.

Mason’s are going to PA, and MO.

I have no doubt that they will be checking the mailbox every day to see if they have a letter.

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  1. yay!! im so glad they had so much fun!!! :)
    Love, JL


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