February 02, 2010

The Declutter Challenge

Have you ever noticed that the more people you have living under your roof, the more stuff accumulates? If you are lucky enough to have a packrat or two then consider that stuff doubled. As you could probably imagine, a homeschooling family tends to have lots of other stuff. Not only are there extra educational things but also a stash of boxes, tubes, and the like for future projects added to that accumulation.

Well, I'm drowning in my stuff so I've decided to take the declutter challenge. I am going to get rid of extra stuff and post my progress here. I will begin decluttering today and take pictures of my farewell friends to post on March 1st.

Anyone else feel like joining in the challenge?

If you 'd like to participate, you can snag the badge by right clicking and saving it to your computer. When the new month comes, post about your decluttering experience. Don't forget to take pictures so we can see how much space you've reclaimed.


  1. We just started decluttering. I would love to participate. I will try to take photos as I go along since I have three closets to go through and a LOT of Ebay and giveaways coming..

  2. Absolutely, I really need this right now. Sounds great!


  3. Oooh! I've been trying to declutter for all of these reasons. =) Maybe it will help to post about it!!

  4. It must be that time of year. I was just looking at my closets, and cupboards, and thinking about a decluttering post :)


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