January 13, 2010

Time to change the Routine

Monday night we had a family counsel and talked about things we'd like to improve upon. We had the following concerns related to our homeschooling:
  1. I was getting to bed WAY too late - due to prep work that needed to be done for our lessons and partly due to not using my time wisely.
  2. Our youngest was staying up playing with Legos or making inventions late into the night. He is put to bed a 8:30 but he gets back up to work on his projects. I know this apple didn't fall far from the tree with this trait.☺
  3. Doing chores and school work in the morning is just too much for the children.
  4. The children don't have enough "free time" to do the things they LOVE, except at night. 
We came up with these suggestions:
  1. After dinner, everyone will immediately help clean off the table and clean up the kitchen. These areas of the house will be clean and ready for next day, and Mom doesn't have this on her to do list for the night. My son suggested this. * He ♥s me! * 
  2. Mason will stay in bed, and Mom will go to bed by 10pm.
  3. Everyone will pay more attention to picking up their things and cleaning up their own messes.
  4. No chores in the morning. Chores will be done each evening or later in the afternoon after school work is finished. 
  5. Have free time in the morning. Start school at 10am.
We started these changes on Tuesday. This is a test week. So far, after 2 days of the new routine, this is what I've noticed:
  1. The house is cleaned in the evening, which makes for a much better start to the day - no need to do chores first thing in the morning.
  2. With free time in the morning, everyone eases into their day as they prefer. I have time to start laundry, cook breakfast, blog and check email, and set up games or projects we will be doing for school.
  3. The children are more cooporative and ready to work on their lessons for the day. They work more efficiently and willingly.☺
  4. There is an overall improved feeling of happiness in our home. One child in particular was really struggling with our old schedule, and his unhappiness affected us all.  He is happy, cooporative, better mannered and much nicer to be around so far this week. We will follow up Monday night, and decide if the new routine is something we'd like to keep or change somehow. So far it's looking and feeling good to me!


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