January 05, 2010

Personalized Notebooks

Tonight Mattie's Activity Day Girls group met and made these really cute journals.  I thought this would be so easy to adapt to homeschooling.  I'm recording my thoughts for the future:
  1. Style it to look like luggage for a notebook of places we've learned about.
  2. Use this design for a creative writing notebook.
  3. Wouldn't Spelling seem special if you had it presented like this? 
I am certain I will use this idea in the future.  It's just so cute!

It is made from a spiral notebook with the edges cut off to shape it like a handbag.  The front and back are decorated with patterned paper.  Embellishments are applied to the front side. Handles are hot glued on and also a velcro tab closure is added.  This is a kid approved project - it's cool and they can make it themselves!

 Here is a picture of the inside.


  1. That is sweet! I know my girls would love it and my boys would if it was decorated more like a briefcase... time to check the craft supplies.... Thanks!

  2. What did you use to cut the ends off?

  3. Love this idea! Would be a great notebook for the kids to "take notes" in church.

  4. This is really cute!!

    Do you mind checking out my blog and linking this up? I'm trying to get my meme out there but it's kinda hard? lol Thanks!

    My Mad World

  5. Aren't they cute? Our Activity Day leaders were so awesome! They used the heavy duty paper cutter at church to cut off the edges. YOu know the kind with the long blade that you lower to cut? Schools have them and also many school supply and office supply stores.


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