December 14, 2009

Plans for the Week

This week we plan to continue as normal, while adding in fun Christmas projects.


  • Facts drill
  • work on challenging ones


Music note identification

  • base staff
  • treble staff


  • W 21-24
  • Christmas projects


  • Christmas Collection
  • deCode ABC

Critical Thinking

  • Number patterns
  • Christmas Quilt Puzzle
  • Christmas Puzzle
  • Christmas Sudoku


  • Phonogram review
  • list H-1


  • Continue Christmas Village
  • Prep for Christmas Pillowcases

I would really like to continue our school schedule throughout the holidays but there are so many things we just don't have time to enjoy unless we have a bit of a break. Everyone is in the creative mode around here, and there's just no denying it. During times like this we either have happy busy hands, or bored scowling faces. I prefer the happy busy hands myself, it just makes for late nights with those wheels turning and usually a mound of clutter. I'll try to post some of our creations later this week.




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