December 06, 2009

Our Weekly Plans

Our weeks in December are full of fun Christmas based exercises. Our music study is using Jingle Bells as our piece of interest. Our critical Thinking activities for the month come from a Christmas themed book available through currclick, many of the activities are math based. For writing we are enjoying our time with the classics, and will be writing narratives from our reading of A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens. We also plan to expand our Christmas village this week and get it ready to display.


  • Math drill
  • nemesis work


  • The Great Staff
  • note review


  • W 18-21
  • Christmas Carol Narration


  • Christmas Collection
  • Decode abc

Critical Thinking

  • Venn Diagram
  • Visual analogies
  • Color patterns
  • & Coordinate points


  • Phonograms
  • Reference page
  • rules
  • list G


  • Work on Christmas village
  • pillowcases

1 comment:

  1. I love all the great ideas you have!!! soo cool!!! hey, im writing an lds homeschool book... here is the info if you wanna contribute ;)
    I am accepting submissions for an LDS based homeschool book that I will be
    publishing next year! If you are interested in adding to it, check out or email me at
    Im looking for a day in the life of.... type submissions, or why you
    personally chose to homeschool your family, etc. Also any resources that
    can be included in the resource section! ;)
    Im hoping to weed through them from now until February, choose what Im
    going to include, then get payment out to those who will be included,
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    Can't wait!!! We need a good lds based homeschool book! I havent
    found any books on it! If you know of any, let me know, I really want
    to read them!!! Thanks! Hope you are having a wonderful
    Christmas season! We have been focusing on Christ and service this
    month and it has been wonderful!
    With Love,


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