December 09, 2009

Curiosity killed the Cat's Mom

It is 11:33 pm - yes, at night. I am still awake. Why? . . . because Mason is exhausting me.

Last week we had our first fire of the year (in the fireplace), since then, he has been itching to try some stuff out. He grilled me on "things that are flammable" and immediately started collecting newspapers, cardboard boxes, pieces of string.... you get the idea, and storing them in his room.

Well, since the temp is dropping into the 20's for the next few days, I started a fire. Right away Mason's eyes began to glisten and he ran to his room for his stash. He has been feeding the fire since about 4:00 this afternoon.

He has roasted marshmallows, tried to cook toast, tried to make blue flames vs orange or red flames, put spit on a paper towel and burned that . . . . his curiosity has indeed got the best of him and he's having to experiment. Now I don't mind him experimenting when I am supervising. I think it is better to learn about fire at home with Mom and Dad then outside with a magnifying glass and group of other eager little boys.

He asked if he could sleep in the living room tonight, which I allow on occasion. However this little experimenter can not be trusted to stay his curiosity while I am asleep.

I am so tired; my bed is calling me.

There is not much of a fire left at the moment, but I know Mason will feed it just to hang onto it a little longer. I am considering putting out the fire, and calling it a night.

It's a bit ironic that we visited the Fire Station tonight with the Cub Scouts. I had forgotten about it until I heard him reading his fire safety packet.

The fire is showing signs of going out, but not Mason, his mind is too busy for sleep now. . .

Maybe I'll just go get my blanket and get comfortable in the recliner.


  1. LOL
    Dana, you are so blessed with such a curious little boy. Luckily he IS reading the fire safety packet. *;-.)
    I can see it now, every night he will ask to build a fire. ☼

  2. I let him satisfy his curiosity last night. All the rest of his experimenting is going to have to be done during the daylight hours. We will be going over the fire safety papers today though :)


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