November 28, 2009

Reason We Homeschool # 3

My children are all unique. It's amazing that they come from the same gene pool. This is another reason we homeschool - We can truly personalize the educational path for each of our children.

Michael likes to read and ponder things. He loves working on his novel and prefers things neat and orderly. He is true and loyal and spiritually strong. He notices details of things, and is not easily swayed by fads or foolish notions. He has a quirky sense of humor that is uniquely his own. He has many talents and strengths. He also has challenges. He has very high standards for himself that cause him anxiety and fear. He is a perfectionist. He is disturbed often by Science (particularly Life Science) and although he does well in math, he merely tolerates it-he HATES radicals. He worries about the moral issues of our day and the direction our government is headed.

Mattison is my nurturer. She mothers everything. She takes better care of her baby dolls than many mothers do of their own babies. She is the same way with animals. When we gather with others, I will always find her with the baby in the group. She is very compassionate and loving. She loves to care for people and pets, from the mundane tasks of feeding to the special things like cooking something special to make someone happy. At 11, she KNOWS that the heart is in the home - that people are more important than things. In addition to these strengths, she also has challenges. She has a global delay affecting her speech and language skills, her fine and gross motor skills. She also has visual and auditory issues. She is a very tender-hearted and loving girl.

Mason is my inventor. From the time he could walk, he was taking the nuts and bolts off the fence handle. He's always had amazing fine motor control. He loves to create and work with his hands. He is wonderfully creative and has a compassionate heart. He is my warrior for Agency. He doesn't like to be controlled, he likes to choose for himself. This can be challenging for the Mom; I've had to learn how to strategize before responding to him. He has challenges with perfection. He thinks he should master a new concept by the time his ears have first heard it. He gets frustrated and embarrassed easily and is still learning how to deal with those feelings.

Because each of my children are so unique, as are all children, homeschooling offers an opportunity for personalized education for each of them.

Michael is not going to be a doctor or scientist, so we lay a general foundation in science and let him spend more time in areas that suit him best and give him joy.

Mattison is not going to fill the measure of her creation arguing and debating, so we lay a general foundation in law, economics, and government and then let her spend more time in areas that suit her best and give her joy.

Mason is not going to be content sitting behind a desk pushing papers and files, so we lay a general foundation of organization, business and accounting and then let him spend more time in areas that suit him best and give him joy.

As their interests expand and change, we can make modifications to their individual educational path - a truly personalized path for joy.


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