November 14, 2009

Our Week In Review

This week has been really fun. It was nice to get back into more productive days. The previous week we were sick and had a very light load. After being in the house for an entire week, we decided that on Monday we were getting out of the house to check out the WORLD OF THE PHARAOHS exhibit at the Arkansas Arts Center. It was a members only day that began at noon so we made quick work of our chores and school work and headed that way. We really enjoyed the exhibit. We purchased some "Egyptian Dig" toys and the children had a great time scraping and brushing the baked sand to find the mummy parts buried inside.

Tuesday was our usual busy day. We had afternoon speech and occupational therapy appointments that consumed most of our afternoon time. That's a normal part of life for this crew.

On Wednesday, we finished up our chores and school work and headed to the bike trail. The weather was around 70 degrees which is warm for this time of year but we sure enjoyed it.

Thursday was much the same with some board games thrown in for practicing those math facts. The afternoon was full of more bike riding and enjoying this wonderful weather.

Friday we had great fun at our homeschool group ARTS & CRAFTS day of the month. We made recycled gift wrap out of newspapers, paint, spray paint stencils and anything else we came up with. The children had a blast!

All throughout the week the children progressed in their school work. Michael completed another chapter or two in his novel. He has initiated "political" conversation numerous times relating what he's been learning about in his Economics and Government studies. He is progressing nicely in all his work, and he is happy to be finished with radicals for the time being. Mattison has been working really hard on her DECODE ABC exercises and practicing her reading in THE CAT IN THE HAT. She is making huge strides in her reading, and I am proud of her hard work. Mason has progressed nicely in his book as well. He has been building things and drawing a great deal lately. It is a newly discovered talent he has.

Our read aloud has been THE STORIES OF THE PILGRIMS (1910). We just love reading about things that really happened. It coincided this week with homeschool Freebies ebook downloads. The download had an additional part to the book that is not included in mine, so I am happy to have that extra available. From the same resource also this week came a book called MARY OF PLYMOUTH: A STORY OF THE PILGRIM SETTLEMENT by James Otis. This is a book also published in 1910 that tells the story of the Pilgrims through the eyes of a young girl named Mary. We are going to make some notebooking pages relating to our readings to put in our history notebook.

This week has been great! I was reminded of a few really important things - first that we need to get out and play and explore more. It's been really fun this week. Second, I was reminded of how fun board games are, even for practicing those monotonous math facts. It's funny how I'll forget about having some great game and then I come across it and wonder why I hadn't been using it more. The third thing I was reminded of was the blessing it is for us to homeschool, specifically for the freedom to teach my children the real reason this country was preserved and protected - for freedom of religion. As we have been reading about the pilgrims, I have been so moved by the hardships and persecution they endured. I am shocked at how many times they were put into jail because they worshipped according to the dictates of their own conscience. I am grateful that my children can pray aloud EVERY time they eat, at home and at school. I am thankful that we can include God and his plan in everything we learn about. I am thankful for the freedom to sing songs about the Lord, to write and read about Him daily. I hold this freedom so very dear.

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  1. My kids love nonfiction as well. Every single book we read they say, "Did this really happen?" They are always slightly let down if the book "could have happened."


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